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Kome Sushi Coming Soon to Airport Blvd

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Kome Sushi [Photo: Kome Sushi/Facebook]

The owners of Sushi A-Go-Go, Kayo and Take Asazu, are closer to opening their brick-and-mortar location, Kome Sushi, near the border of the Hyde Park neighborhood. Known for their seemingly odd idea to serve sushi from a trailer, the Asazus will now have a larger kitchen, a sturdy roof over their heads, and will begin offering a variety of Japanese cuisine. Eater has an update on their progress, originally reported earlier this summer.

As a part of the project's process, the Sushi A-Go-Go on Airport Blvd is having its last roll this week, in preparation for Kome's opening in the coming weeks.

Take Asazu will take charge of the kitchen as head chef, serving lunch Monday through Friday and dinner Monday through Saturday. The lunch menu will be Teishoku style, a set menu with one main dish, rice, and a few side items. Dinner will be more Izakaya style, a variety of small plates meant to be shared informally among a group. "Since I and my husband are both born and raised in Japan, we would like to introduce more varieties of authentic Japanese cuisine, as well as our creativity with casual dining experience," says Kayo Asazu.

Keeping the theme very authentic, the design was done by Japanese commercial space designer Kazuya Owada, a long-time friend of Kayo Asazu, who came here all the way from Japan to work on the restaurant with his most skilled carpenter Masataka Oki. They were also able to finish up the space with very valuable Japanese antique sake brewery signs to hang on the walls.

Kayo tells Eater:

We have been working towards this dream restaurant a long time [...] We are very fortunate to have our family, friends, customers and neighbors have been very supportive to make it happen, and we are thinking this place is the extension of our own dining room and hoping to welcome our customers as our friends or family.

Kome Sushi is slated to open in about two to three weeks. A request - one word - Ramen. Please.

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Kome Sushi

4917 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78751