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Stories of Texas Barbecue

Southern Foodways has been documenting the history of Texas barbecue, and the alliance has posted several videos featuring interviews with the legends of the pit. These stories chronicle the lives of the people and names behind the greatest of Texas barbecue traditions - Kreuz Market, City Market, Louie Mueller Barbecue, and more.

Just in time for lunch, here are the clips. If you are so,so tempted and now must have barbecue for lunch, don't speed out to Luling, Taylor, or Lockhart. Just take the rest of the day off.

Video: Rick Schmidt of Kreuz Market

Video: Bobby Mueller, son of Louie Mueller, of Louie Mueller Barbecue

Video: Joe Capello of City Market

· Southern Foodways [YouTube]
· All BBQ Coverage on Eater Austin [-EATX-]