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JMueller BBQ Sold Out in 2 Hours

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Austin officially welcomed John Mueller back to the barbecue scene on Saturday with JMueller BBQ opening as planned at 2pm. Despite the rain, the interest was strong - the first customer lined up at 12:30, and all the food was sold out within two hours.

Austin barbecue fans have been waiting for this opening ever since John Mueller announced his original plans to open on the east side earlier this year. John, part of Texas barbecue royalty, left his family's business, Louis Mueller Barbecue in Taylor, TX, in 2001 to open his original Austin location on Manor Road. After closing in 2006, he now returns from his meaty hiatus.

Austin has reveled ever since the opening of Franklin Barbecue, whose legendary long lines even inspired a Hitler's Rant/Downfall Youtube parody video. Now, our fair city may have just welcomed another world class barbecue master to our streets, this time in south Austin.

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, JMueller BBQ will begin operating its normal hours, opening at 10AM.

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John Mueller [Photo: JMueller BBQ/Facebook]

JMueller BBQ

1502 South First, Austin, TX 78704