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DoubleTrouble BBQ: Austin's 1st Amphibious Food Trailer

The Double Trouble BBQ Boat on Lake Austin
The Double Trouble BBQ Boat on Lake Austin

Double Trouble BBQ [Photo: JW Walthall/EATX]

Get your towels ready, Double Trouble BBQ introduces a new trend in Austin - Mother F'ing BBQ on a Mother F'ing Boat. Yes, that's right. Owners Jamie Nelson and Kline Boyd have opened Austin's first food trailer on a barge.

Jamie Nelson tells Eater: "Kline and I were sitting around, talking, and thought the idea would be cool. Let's do it!" Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Nelson and Boyd began serving on their water barge in Austin about a month ago. They're on a boat, They're on a boat. Take a good hard look...

Got your swim trunks... and your flippie-floppies? Because plans for ordering from the shore are choppy. Got a life preserver or a zip-line system, otherwise you might just miss 'em.

On Saturdays and Sundays you can find Double Trouble BBQ on Lake Austin in the Party Cove near Hula Hut from 11:30AM until sunset, weather permitting (remember, they're on a boat). Monday through Friday they dry dock and serve at 5300 South Congress.

They offer the usual barbecue items, smoked pork, brisket, chicken, and jalapeno sausage. On Thursdays they host live music and provide free beer.

They're on a boat, motherf***er, don't you ever forget.

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