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Austin's Pizza Draws Unicorn-Bear Fight at Customer Request

Does Austin's Pizza have the best customer service in town? Possibly! (Or at least the most accommodating to bizarre requests.) After a guy ordered a pizza with the special request that a picture be drawn on the box depicting a unicorn fighting a bear, Assistant Call Center Manager Chad Frierson found himself in a bit of a pickle as the stores themselves "are not equipped to fulfill such a request." He then took the initiative to draw the image on a post-it and email it to the customer.

Dear John,

My name is Chad from Austin's Pizza Call Center. We received your online order earlier this evening. We saw your note, "Please draw a unicorn fighting a bear on the box." Unfortunately, our stores are not equipped to fulfill such a request. They simply do not posses the required skill. I, however, took it upon myself to draw out the picture you requested on a post-it note. I hope this suits your needs.


Chad Frierson
Austin's Pizza

Someone give the man a raise.

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