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Don't Call It A Gastropub: Contigo Coming This Spring

Contigo's build site.
Contigo's build site.

[Photos: Paula Forbes / EATX]

In a town full of places to drink beer on patios, what could yet another open-air bar/restaurant add to the equation? How about some decent food? And on the outskirts of the Mueller development, no less? Contigo is a joint effort by owner Ben Edgerton and chef Andrew Wiseheart, formerly of Olivia and a smattering of Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy and the Napa Valley, that aims to bring the feeling of the South Texas ranch Contigo into the city, ideally in May. Think lots of natural wood, long, shared tables, and food served on pie tins. Oh, and washers tournaments.

Wiseheart says he's very excited about his amped-up traditional bar food menu, and mentioned a burger, charcuterie, house-made sausages and shared bar snacks/small plates when we visited the restaurant's build site. As for Edgerton, Contigo is all about the atmosphere: he did mention the word "gastropub," but feels that the restaurant will be a bit more relaxed than the image that term conjures. The drinks will be beer and dark liquor-heavy, with the focus on cocktails made from tequila and whiskey. Gin and vodka cocktails will also be available, as will a small wine list.

· Contigo [Official Site]


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