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Epic Lord of the Rings Feast Consisted of 1200 Plates of Food

Left: John Bullington. Right: First breakfast. [Photo: Cory Ryan]

The Alamo Drafthouse's annual Lord of the Rings all-day movie marathon and feast, in which they serve all seven hobbit meals and show all three movies, is apparently so popular, tickets sell out in five minutes. In the video below, chef John Bullington explains that it was one of his original ideas when he interviewed for his position, and estimates that they plated 1,200 dishes over the course of the day. He also explains the reasoning behind some of the dishes (of which Wired has a slideshow): one dish contains an orange because at on point Aragorn gets an orange thrown at his head, and one of the multiple breakfasts is strawberries and cream because Sam asks Frodo to think of that dish when they're certain they're dying.

Video: John Bullington on the Alamo Drafthouse's Lord of the Rings Feast

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