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The Flying Saucer's Third Birthday; Sommelier Cinema

THE TRIANGLEThe Flying Saucer is celebrating its third birthday on January 16 with special tappings including original release 512 Bourbon Barrel Pecan Porter, Avery Rumpkin and Sierra Nevada Grand Cru. Open to the public at noon. [Craft Austin]

DOWNTOWNThe Drafthouse has announced a whole series dedicated to wine on film called Sommelier Cinema. First up, on January 26 at the Alamo Ritz, they'll show Vicky Christina Barcelona paired with Catalonian wines; $25 for the movie and three wines. [ADCB]

The Flying Saucer. [Photo: The Flying Saucer / Facebook]

The Flying Saucer

815 West 47th Street, Austin, TX 78751-2360