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Off-Centered Film Fest Features DIY Films, Dogfish Head Beer

The Alamo Drafthouse and Dogfish Head Brewery are currently accepting submissions for their 2011 Off-Centered Film Fest, which aims "to build a short film competition that is as far from the mainstream as Dogfish Head's 90 Minute I.P.A. is from mainstream beer."

Right now you are probably asking yourself, "What on earth could I make a short film about that's as out there as Dogfish Head beers?" Don't worry, they've got an answer for you: Dogfish Head beers! All the films in the competition must be less than five minutes long and either "include a reference to Dogfish Head in the script OR have Dogfish Head product placement in the film." And there's a prize involved: the first place winner gets $1000, airfare and lodging in Austin for the festival, and tickets to the screenings. Deadline for entry is March 12. Check out last year's winners below, including the first place winner/riff on the Indiana Jones movies, Burton Baton and the Legend of the Ancient Ales.

2010 First Place: Burton Baton and the Legend of the Ancient Ales

2010 Second Place: Tea Party Hijinks

2010 Third Place: J-Bomb Saves The Party

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