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East Side King Brings 6th Street Cool to Rainey Street

The original East Side King, behind Liberty on E. 6th Street.
The original East Side King, behind Liberty on E. 6th Street.
Photo: bug138 / Flickr

The darling of the E. 6th food truck scene, East Side King, has opened a second location, behind the new 96 Bar on Rainey St. That is not technically the East Side, but we suppose we will let that slide because holy crap, they have a whole new menu. A whole new concept, even! Whereas the original location focused on Asian buns and salads with fried elements, the second truck features a menu that consists almost entirely of grilled skewers. We're particularly excited about the fish balls, but check out the whole thing below.

Momo: Yakitori (grilled chicken thigh), green onion, tare, and kewpie. $6
Kimo: Grilled chicken liver, tare, ponzu, shichimi, and yellow onion. $6
Gyutan: Grilled slow roasted beef tongue, bell pepper, tare, and wasabi. $7
Butabara: Grilled twice cooked pork belly, apple, tare and karashi mustard. $7
Nasu Dengaku: Grilled eggplant, sweet miso, and sesame seed. $6
Kinoko: Grilled braised mushroom, tamari soy sauce, and butter. $6
Uzura: Grilled quail egg and tare. $6
Fish Balls: Grilled fish ball, sweet chili sauce, jalapeno, and yellow onion. $6

Ginger Garlic Jasmine Rice: Steamed jasmine rice, ginger and garlic oil. $4
Corn: Grilled corn, tamari soy sauce, kewpie, shichimi, green onion, and bonito flakes. $4
Edamame: Grilled edamame and shichimi. $5

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East Side King

401 Franklin Street, , TX 77201 Visit Website

East Side King

96 Rainey St., Austin TX 78701