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Week in Reviews

deegan-mcclung-150.jpgDid you know it is possible to get a $34 hamburger at Jeffrey's? Mike Sutter did it by adding cheese, bacon, and foie to their basic (already $20) burger, and it was "the Happiest Meal Ever"! However: "It'd be convenient to use that $34 burger as a punch line for Jeffrey's over-the-topulence, but it wouldn't be fair. It's more like another opportunity to make Jeffrey's into whatever you need it to be." That burger and the attention of Jeffrey's server of 30 years Johnny Guffey got the bistro a respectable three stars in the Statesman's first review since chef Deegan McClung took over last year. (If that's too much for you to spend, he also looked at the $5.85 burger at Nau's Enfield Drug across the street.) [Statesman]