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Lucky J's Chicken and Waffles Stand Stolen On Christmas

Food truck owner Jason Umlas has had a rough year: we won't go into all the details (if you're curious, read the impassioned post on his website), but it was topped off by the Christmas Eve/Christmas theft of his Lucky J's Chicken and Waffles trailer from its East Side trailer park location. Perhaps Umlas should have specified which type of luck he was after when naming his trailer? (We kid.)

Umlas believes the theft must have been premeditated, which makes sense seeing as how people don't really randomly haul off a huge food truck. As yet the only lead seems to be some tire marks found by police, and Umlas is asking for any information people might have. The truck is one of two Lucky J's trailers, and is covered in tattoo-inspired art from Austin artist Federico.

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Have you seen this trailer? [Photo: Lucky J's.]