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The Noble Pig's Dinner Series; More New Year's Eve Options

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ANDERSON MILLJohn Bates' The Noble Pig is now serving a monthly dinner series, and the next one is on January 8. $55 for four courses, plus it's BYOB. Could this be a sign of permanent dinner menus to come? 512-382-6248 [Noble Pig via Chow]

DOWNTOWN — And yet more New Year's Eve dinners: three courses for $45 at Annie's, an extra ten if you want a champagne cocktail. 512-472-1884 [Eaterwire]

The Noble Pig. Photo: The Noble Pig / Facebook]

Noble Sandwich Co. [620]

12233 Ranch Road 620, Suite #105 , Austin, TX 78750 Visit Website

The Noble Pig

11815 620 N. Suite 4 Austin, TX 78750