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Backspace Sees Your Pizza and Raises You 900 Degrees

[Photos: Paula Forbes / EATX

] Backspace, called such because it takes up the storefront behind chef Shawn Cirkiel's restaurant Parkside, is set to open any day now. We checked out the space, which features neat wine-barrel stools, stained glass windows, and a Forni Cirigliano wood-fired pizza oven straight out of Naples that gets up to 900 degrees (we're not sure there's a sexier piece of kitchen equipment out there). Cirkiel seems like he's got everything in place to make some serious pizza; check out the menu below for an idea of what he's got in mind.

white beans, escarole, guanciale, $5
proscuitto wrapped mozzarella, $9
winter squash, sunchokes, pepita pesto, $6
roasted fingerling potatos, salsa verde, $5
swiss chard, apples, raisins, garlic, $5
octopus, chili, blood orange, parsley, $8
baked ricotta, poached tomatoes, olive oil, lemo $8
braised cardoons, carrot, white wine, olive oil, $6
meatballs, stewed tomatoes, bread crumb, peccarino romano, $8
marinated olives, fire roasted peppers, mint, oregano, $4
warm taleggio, arugula, lemon, $7

prosciutto, $4
salame, $4
coppa, $4
mortadella, $4
speck, $4

gorgonzola, $4
robiola, $4
asiago, $4
taleggio, $4
piave vecchio, $4

roasted beets, pecan, citrus, pear, fennel, frisee $7
romaine, giardiniera, red onion, herbs, pecarino romano $7

marinara, tomato, oregano, garlic, $9
margherita - mozzarella, tomato, basil, $9
fennel sausage, mozzarella, roasted peppers, garlic, parmesan, $12
amatriciana - tomato, red onion, chili, guanciale, $13
bianca - arugula, mozzarella, ricotta, pecarino $13
roasted mushrooms, mozzarella, tomato, capers, basil $15
white anchovy, gaeta olives, cherry tomato, oregano $12
four cheese - mozzarella, gorgonzola, ricotta, pecarino, thyme, $12

eggs $3
proscuitto $4
salami $4
anchovy $3

hazelnut chocolate budino, $5.50
tiramisu, $5.50
ricotta cheesecake $5.50

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2135 North Willis Boulevard, , OR 97217 (503) 719-6826 Visit Website