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Laughing With Waffles; Kerbey Lane's Can and Cookie Drive

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DOWNTOWN — The Hideout Theater's annual Wafflefest is this weekend, starting tonight at 8:00. Your $11 ticket provides you with lots of laughs courtesy the Austin improv scence, all the waffles you can eat, and, we hear, a rather impressive selection of toppings. [Hideout]

KERBEYWIRE — From November 22 to December 23, all Kerbey Lane Cafe locations will give you $1 your meal for every two cans of food donated (with a max of $5 off). You can also buy cookies for a dollar each; all money and cans go to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. [Launch 787]

Wafflefest! [Photo: The Hideout]

Kerbey Lane Cafe [Campus]

2606 Guadalupe Street, Austin, TX 78705 512 447 5717

The Hideout Theater

617 Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78701