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Three Stars for Cafe Josie; The Chronicle Gets Extravagant

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Mike Sutter gave Cafe Josie three out of five stars, and says chef Charles Mayes' tropical food "tastes like a night on the coast, or a cruise ship, one of the good ones with full power and almost no Spam. It's a Coke commercial on the beach, and the breeze is making our hair do that tropical wave, and we'd like to teach the world to sing."

Over at the Chronicle, Rachel Feit and Kate Thornberry visit two "extravagant" spots: La Sombra ("Not perfect") and Phara ("extremely good," but lacking atmosphere).

Jax Neighborhood Cafe gets the job done for Mick Vann: "It seems like the ideal spot to meet some pals and knock back a nosh or two with some libations, plus there are a couple of big screens if there's a game on that can't be missed." [Chronicle]

The Fearless Critic takes The Mighty Cone with a does of healthy skepticism: "If the concept sounds unattractive, consider that much stranger things have been stuffed, with a success we can’t always heartily endorse, into a tortilla." [FC]

And the Fearless Critic isn't too wild about Hat Creek Burgers, either:
"If you’re in the area, or you come upon a truck at the UT game, you could probably do worse." [FC]

The blogs: The Hungry Engineer confirms that it's definitely Not Your Mama's Food Truck, Tasty Touring gets trailer happy at the East Side Drive In, the Austin Post indulges in Uchiko, and the Austin Fat Guys go for a ride on the Flying Carpet.

Cafe Josie. [Photo: Cafe Josie / Facebook]


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Cafe Josie

1200 W 6th St # B Austin, TX 78703-5209