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Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival Media Roundup

The Gypsy Picnic.
The Gypsy Picnic.
Photo: Paula Forbes / EATX

The first Gypsy Picnic has come and gone; we all came, we all stood in line, some of us ate some food. Turns out people were kind of frustrated! It's ok, the organizers "are listening to your feedback" for next year and called the Gypsy Picnic "one of Austin's most unique festivals." Unique is one word for it! The press had some different ones.

· Statesman/John Kelso:

If you wanted something to eat, it would have been quicker to sit on the corner with a tin cup, collect change and grab a tuna sandwich at a convenience store. Or bag a possum and build a fire.

· KVUE/Jennie Huerta:

The turnout for the first-ever Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival was on the high end of what event organizers expected. Some vendors ran out of food. Others couldn't keep up with the crowds of people who waited for more than an hour at some mobile food vendors’ trailers.

· Study Breaks/Bill Bowman:

It probably would be quicker to drive around town and get the grub on a normal day than wait it out for the food.

· The Horn/Neil Ferguson:

I'm not the type to stand in line for food for 45, even if it is a doughnut covered in bacon. Damn, that sounds good.

The boards also got their fair share of digs in:


Great idea, poorly executed. Trailer food has jumped the shark.

Facebook/Rebecca Alejandro:

Why wait 45+ minutes in line for an item I can get anytime I want at these trailers' main locations? If there was something else...anything else...going on there simultaneously, it would have made the lines easier to take.

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