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Introducing Eater Austin!


Welcome to Eater Austin! It is with great pleasure that we add a note of Texan charm to the Eater blogs. If you're a fan of any of our other sites, you can expect the same sort of chef and restaurant coverage you'll find at both the national level as well as locally in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Portland, and, also as of today, Chicago. It is our mission to keep you updated on the latest happenings in the Austin food world — and we're not just talking tacos and barbecue, which, while great, are not all this town has to offer.

Of course, you'll be expected to hold up your end of the bargain. What does that mean? Send us tips. We want to hear every rumble and creak in Austin's food scene, and that means sending us everything you've got. Openings, closings, pictures of ridiculous signage, weird policies, chefs changing restaurants, chefs storming out of restaurants during service and taking their entire staffs with them, sexcapades, health code violations, funny menu typos, celebrity sightings, rumors, innuendo. If Bill Murray tends bar during SXSW again this year and we don't hear about it from you, everyone's grounded.

Oh, and before we get too ahead of ourselves, we suppose it's only polite to let you know who's behind all this. I'm your editor, Paula Forbes; you may know me from over on Eater National, where I've been associate editor since June. It's a pleasure. Shall we get to know each other better? You could follow us on Twitter, or like our Facebook page. Now let's get going.