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Lunch Coming to La Condesa; Eat Like a Hobbit

DOWNTOWNLa Condesa will start serving lunch December 1; seems like chef Rene Ortiz will be serving up some carnitas, among other things. [La Condesa]

SOUTH LAMARThe Drafthouse has announced their annual Hobbit Trilogy Feast menu, which will be held December 12. $110 gets you all seven hobbit meals, including First Breakfast, Second Breakfast and Elevensies; add $35 and you'll get drink pairings. And, of course, you get to watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. [ADCB]

CANDYWIRE — Real estate company Zillow has determined the best trick-or-treating neighborhoods through a complex scientific methodology we're not quite sure we understand. Downtown came in first, and how many condo-dwellers give out candy? The rest of the list looks solid, though. Happy Halloween! [Zillow via Austin Citysphere]

La Condesa. [Photo: La Condesa]

La Condesa

400 West 2nd Street, , TX 78701 (512) 499-0300 Visit Website

La Condesa

400 West 2nd Street Austin, TX 78701