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An 8.6 for Asia Cafe; Fearless Critic on Macarons and Curry

Statesman critic Mike Sutter gives the Szechuan hole-in-the-wall Asia Cafe an 8.6 with a word of warning: "When the menu here says ‘boned,' it doesn't mean ‘deboned.' It means ‘so many bones.'"

He also digs the "tattooed sense of humor" at Your Mom's Burger Bar — well, so long as "the Frida [hamburger] is named for the chorizo's Mexican influence and not for the pallette of juices that flow from it." Ew? Your Mom's pulled through with a 6.1.

Megan Giller of Texas Monthly declares Kate Bellinger of Kate's Southern Comfort the duchess of fried foods, except actually Giller doesn't like the fried part of Bellinger's food all that much: "I was expecting the velvety comfort of a doughnut or turnover paired with the savory flavors of New Orleans. Unfortunately, these little torpedoes were deep-fried and crispy beyond recognition." [TM]

The Fearless Critic takes a break from the usual to rate La Boîte's French pastries, and declares their macarons "visual and edible art, and a $4.95 3-pack will undoubtedly win you friends and lovers. (If not, run the other way, those people are fools.)" [FC]

The Fearless Critic also gets addicted to Bomby Bistro's new South location: "The curries are straight-up milky crack, as good Indian-American curries should be (given the amount of bowl-you-over spice, salt, and cream; it’s not a subtle thing)."

And then there's Rob Balon, who reviewed to all-you-can-eat Italian-American extravaganza Cannoli Joe's. Yes, that Canolli Joe's: "Cannoli Joe's is way past the Olive Garden and Macaroni Grill in terms of quality, And while it may not be Vespaio or La Traviata, it's not supposed to be. It's good, homemade Italian food at prices that won't wreck your budget." [DORB]

Your Mom's Burger Bar. [Photo: Your Moms]

Your Mom's Burger Bar

1701 E Cesar Chavez Street, Austin, TX 78702 512 474 6667 Visit Website

Asia Cafe

8650 Spicewood Springs Road, , TX 78759 (512) 331-5788 Visit Website

Your Mom's Burger Bar

1701 E Cesar Chavez Ste. B Austin, TX 78702