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Jesse James's Cisco Burger Rolls Into Town

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Cisco Burger in Long Beach.
Cisco Burger in Long Beach.
Photo: WCC

Motorcycle customizer, Sandra Bullock-ex and new Austinite Jesse James is planning to bring his Long Beach, California-based Cisco Burger to town. The burger chain, named after James' dog, serves old fashioned burgers, salads, breakfast, and desserts. Their "eco-friendly" philosophy means no drive-though, solar power and a hybrid delivery vehicle. The Austin branch, which had been hinted at before, is the first of 100 locations James would like to open nationwide.

We can't help but wonder if they'll run into a little bit of trouble with East Sixth's Cisco's, especially since they both have a pretty hefty breakfast menu. Although, perhaps the East Austin landmark has nothing to worry about: Jame's restaurant has both a breakfast burrito and quesadilla on the menu, but no tacos.

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