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More New Craft Beer; La Condesa's Wild Desserts at Arthouse

BEERWIRE — Hintings of a new craft brewery coming our way on Twitter. Not much information yet, but it does appear Austin Beerworks will serve canned beers: an IPA called Fire Eagle, a German Schwarz called Black Thunder, a German Pils called Pearl-Snap and an extra pale called Peacemaker. [Austin Beerworks via @foodtrailersatx]

DOWNTOWN — Arthouse reopens Friday night with a party featuring a live performance by band/art collective MEN, and a crazy dessert buffet by the crew from La Condesa featuring dishes called things like "Frosted Strawberry Pop Art Tarts" and "'The Dude' Mini White Russian Milkshakes." $125, 10:00, check out their website for tickets. [Eaterwire]

Austin Beerworks. [Photo: Austin Beerworks]

La Condesa

400 West 2nd Street, , TX 78701 (512) 499-0300 Visit Website