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Locations for Possible Free Red Velvet Cupcake-Induced Riots

Now, don't everyone panic, or anything, but remember all those free cupcakes that are going to be handed out in random spots all over town today? Thousands of Red Velvets from Hey, Cupcake!? Yeah, we've got the scoop on where those will be.

Red Velvet Events is celebrating its eighth anniversary today by handing out a ridiculous number of cupcakes at various locations around town. We've got the general areas and times below; it looks like they're not sticking around each location very long, so we'll have our spies update you on our Twitter feed.

· 1:00: Braker and Lamar.
· 1:30: Mopac and Far West.
· 3:00: Second Street.
· 3:15: 6th Street and Red River.
· 3:30: Market District (somewhere around Whole Foods downtown).

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Hey, Cupcake's Red Velvet Cupcake. [Photo: Hey, Cupcake!]

Hey Cupcake!

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