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A Carnival of Pizza and a Harry Potter Yule Ball

SOUTH CONGRESSHome Slice annual Carnival O' Pizza celebrates their fifth anniversary and benefits Habitat for Humanity. There will be games and a raffle and "serious contests," like one that requires you to keep your hand on an eggplant sub for a day and a half. November 20th from noon to 7:00, unless you're aiming to win that last bit. [Home Slice]

SOUTH LAMARThe Alamo is throwing a wizard-y (wizardful?) Yule Ball to celebrate the release of the last Harry Potter movie. There will be butterbeer and fire whiskey and a roasted pig and, presumably, all kinds of magical mumbo-jumbo. Tickets went on sale at noon, cost $57, and include a ticket to the midnight showing. [ADCB]

Home Slice. [Photo: The Pug Father / Flickr]

Home Slice Pizza

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