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Brunch at Foreign & Domestic and StrEAT; Pedernales Beers

NORTH LOOP — Brunch is coming to Foreign & Domestic, starting November 7. No menu yet, but it sounds like they're going a little British from this tweeted teaser: "Crispy Fried Eggs with Black and White Puddings, baked beans, roasted tomatoes, and confit mushrooms!" [@foreigndomestic]

FREDERICKSBURGPedernales Brewing Company is opening in Fredericksburg, and plans on having beer ready for consumption late spring or early summer of 2011. One of their beers, the Ladder Truck Lager, will benefit rural EMS units and volunteer fire departments, which is neat. [CA]

NORTH CAMPUSStrEAT is offering a brunch with wine pairings this Sunday from 11:00 to 3:00. $18.95 per person, and as an added bonus, if enough people show up it could become a regular thing. [Eaterwire]

Foreign & Domestic. [Photo: Foreign & Domestic]

Foreign & Domestic

306 E 53rd St Austin, TX 78751-2014